Board and Staff

Board and Staff

Thames Valley Sustainable Connections, Inc.

Our mission is to work through partnerships and collaborative projects, to enhance the environmental, business, and social climate in Greater New London and the Thames River watershed through the advocacy and promotion of proven programs that foster sustainable socially equitable, and economically sound policies. The goal is a healthy, vibrant and exciting city region with a bright future for generations.


We are focused on economic vitality, social equity, and environmental security for our citizens, local businesses, and our naturally occurring and created local resources. TVSC seeks to ensure that the region will be valued by future generations. It recognizes the leadership role New London and regional municipalities can play in the region by championing the advancement of sustainable economic, environmental, and social agendas. (Committing to this vision will enhance New London’s distinctive character and create a city-region that will be an exceptional place to live, work, and play.)

TVSC is a non-profit (501c3) and non-partisan organization dedicated to its mission of inclusivity.  TVSC is a democratically organized entity with a broad membership throughout South East Connecticut.

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Executive Board

Art Costa Photo

Art Costa, President/CEO

Jerry Sinnamon Photo

Jerry Sinnamon, Board Chair

Noah Photo

Noah Levine, Secretary

Joanne Cain, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Aundre Bumgardner Photo

Aundre Bumgardner, Director

Denise Braley Photo

Denise Braley, Ed. D., Director

John Hinton Photo

John Hinton, Director

Ronna Stuller Photo
Ronna Stuller, Director



Cindy Barry Photo
Cindy Barry, LLHD Field of Greens Market Promotional Coordinator

Liz Spurr Photo
Liz Spurr, Canning and Food Preservation Program Coordinator/Instructor

Tina DuBosque, Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant


Advisory Board

Norman Garrick Photo

Norman Garick, PhD Urban Transit

Thomas English Photo

Thomas English, PhD Education

David Bingham Photo

David Bingham, MD