TVSC Building Blocks

TVSC Local Living Economy - Building Blocks

The Local Living Economy building blocks provide a guideline for the kinds of inter-related work that invests communities in building resilience. These building blocks are drawn from the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, and customized for local use.

TVSC does not own these building blocks, but fosters, and works toward these through local and regional partnerships and in some cases, as sole project leader.

This domain is not about personal or organizational ownership as much as focusing resources and capacities to assure this local living economic path begins to provide healthy alternatives.

Located in the Greater New London community, we are particularly interested in provide an alternative economic component to the revitalization initiatives we undertake. For a comprehensive study on the urban economic alternatives we invite you to check out the Democracy Collaborative: Cities Building Community Wealth.

Local Food (Greater New London Farm to City and New London Field of Greens Markets)

Renewable Energy

Green Building

Recycling and Reuse

Green Manufacturing and production

Community Finance (Community Investment/Community-based Asset Development)

Local Service

Human Capacity

Independent Retail (New London Local First)

Local Arts & Entertainment

Local Transport